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Tommy\'s Place Tip of Borneo
Tommy\'s Place Tip of Borneo - dream vacation

Simpang Menggayau, Tip of Borneo Kudat

Hotel Morning Glory
Hotel Morning Glory - dream vacation

No. 7 & 8, Tanjung Kapor, KudatKudat

Mari Mari Mantanani Backpacker Lodge
Mari Mari Mantanani Backpacker Lodge - dream vacation

Kampung Mantanani, Pulau Mantanani BesarKudat

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Kudat is a town in Sabah, Malaysia.

Get in

By car

Kudat is 190 km from Kota Kinabalu, about 3 hr drive by car.

By plane

Get around

You can go by taxi, self-drive or with a tour agent. Four-wheel drives and saloon cars with permits are stationed near the Indian Restaurant opposite the Health Clinic in Kampung Air. Four-wheel drives can take between 7-8 passengers at RM20-25 per passenger return, while saloon cars take up to 4 passengers and charge RM240 for a return trip to Simpang Mengayau.


  • Tip of Borneo, Simpang Mengayau.
  • Honey Bee Farm, Kampung Gombizau.
  • Gong Making Village at Kampung Sumangkap.
  • Bead centre, Kampung Tinangol.



Be sure to check out the Rungus handicraft, particularly their intricate beaded work and handwoven Tinohian cloth. When in Kudat, make a trip to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, the tip of Borneo. This is the meeting point of the South China and Sulu seas, with a rich historical and cultural background. The dramatic vista of the endless sea and blue skies will take your breath away.




  • Tip of Borneo Resort, Simpang Menggayau, ☏ +60 13 811 2315, fax: +60 88 493468, ✉ tipofborneoresort@yahoo.com. Free bananas and satellite Wi-Fi. MasterCard and VISA preferred to cash. Started 2011 RM150-300.

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