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Grand Estel Hotel
Grand Estel Hotel - dream vacation

Seyfettin Gunestan Cad. No 10 EstelMidyat

Hotel Demirdag
Hotel Demirdag - dream vacation

Seyfettin Gunestan Caddesi No: 103/A EstelMidyat

Iraz Boutique Hotel
Iraz Boutique Hotel - dream vacation

Cevre Yolu Uzeri Yeni Devlet Hastanesi Yani No:30Midyat

Turabdin Hotel Midyat
Turabdin Hotel Midyat - dream vacation

Isiklar Mah.Manastir Cd No:17Midyat

Akitu Hotel
Akitu Hotel - dream vacation

Isiklar mahallesi cizre caddesi no 153Midyat

Hotel Kasr-i Nehroz
Hotel Kasr-i Nehroz - dream vacation

Isiklar Mah. 219 SOK. NO. 14 Midyat

Matiat Hotel
Matiat Hotel - dream vacation

Mardin Yolu Uzeri 4. KmMidyat

Shmayaa Hotel
Shmayaa Hotel - dream vacation

Akcakaya Mah. Kisla CadMidyat

Midyat Hotel
Midyat Hotel - dream vacation

Yeni Devlet Hastanesi Yanı Cevre Bulvarı No:30-A MidyatMidyat

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Midyat (Kurdish: Midyad‎, Syriac: ܡܕܝܕ Mëḏyaḏ, Turoyo: Miḏyoyo, Arabic: مديات‎) is a town in Mardin Province of Turkey. The ancient city is the center of a centuries-old Hurrian town in Southeast-Turkey. In its long history the city of Midyat has been ruled by various different leaders and nations.

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