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Grand Estel Hotel
Grand Estel Hotel - dream vacation

Seyfettin Gunestan Cad. No 10 EstelMidyat

Midyat Hotel
Midyat Hotel - dream vacation

Yeni Devlet Hastanesi Yanı Cevre Bulvarı No:30-A MidyatMidyat

Shmayaa Hotel
Shmayaa Hotel - dream vacation

Akcakaya Mah. Kisla CadMidyat

Iraz Boutique Hotel
Iraz Boutique Hotel - dream vacation

Cevre Yolu Uzeri Yeni Devlet Hastanesi Yani No:30Midyat

Turabdin Hotel Midyat
Turabdin Hotel Midyat - dream vacation

Isiklar Mah.Manastir Cd No:17Midyat

Hotel Demirdag
Hotel Demirdag - dream vacation

Seyfettin Gunestan Caddesi No: 103/A EstelMidyat

Akitu Hotel
Akitu Hotel - dream vacation

Isiklar mahallesi cizre caddesi no 153Midyat

Hotel Kasr-i Nehroz
Hotel Kasr-i Nehroz - dream vacation

Isiklar Mah. 219 SOK. NO. 14 Midyat

Midyat Gap Hotel
Midyat Gap Hotel - dream vacation

Batman Yolu Üzeri, No:203Midyat

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Midyat (Kurdish: Midyad‎, Syriac: ܡܕܝܕ Mëḏyaḏ or Miḏyôyo in the local Turoyo dialect, Arabic: مديات‎) is a town in Mardin Province of Turkey. The ancient city is the center of a centuries-old Hurrian town in Southeast-Turkey, widely familiar under its Syriac name Tur Abdin. A cognate of the name Midyat is first encountered in an inscription of the Assyrian king Ashur-nasir-pal II (883-859 B.C.). This royal text depicts how his forces conquered the city and the surrounding villages. In its long history the city of Midyat has been ruled by various different leaders and nations.

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