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Karnayo - dream vacation

Meyisti, KastellorizoKastellorizo

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Kastellorizo or Castellorizo (Greek: Καστελλόριζο) is one of the Greek Islands of the Dodecanese. It is a tiny, tranquil island ideal for an off-the-beaten-track vacation.


Kastellorizo (Greek: Μεγίστη Megisti, "the biggest", as it is the largest island of the small surrounding archipelago shared by Greece and Turkey, Turkish: Meis) is the easternmost Greek island, just off southwest Turkey. The nearest bit of the rest of Greece, Rhodes, is 125 km (78 mi) away, while the distance to the mainland Turkish town of Kaş is a mere 2 km (1.2 mi).

The Mediterranean island's sole village is the port itself, with traditional stately residences built around two natural bays.

Get in

The small 1 Kastellorizo airport does not see much traffic, but Olympic Air has one flight per day from Rhodos on weekdays.

There are also ferries from Rhodos, with both Blue Star Ferries and Dodekanisos Seaways offering daily service during the summer months, and several times per week during winter. Also, Meis Expres runs a ferry from nearby Kaş, Turkey.

Get around


  • Castle of the Knights. A medieval castle with wonderful views
  • Archaelogical Museum.
  • Palaiokastro. Ancient settlement
  • Galazia Spilia. Visually striking cave where you may spot a Mediterranean monk seal.



  • Faro. Near the port, in the rocky area around the castle.
  • Mandraki. Can be reached by boat only.
  • Plakes. Can be reached by boat only.



  • Alexandra. Seafood mezes and slipper lobster.
  • Platania. Octopus in tomato sauce with shallots.
  • 1 Paragadi, ☏ +30 2246 049396. Tasty fresh shrimp.



  • 1 Alexandra Pension, ☏ +30 2246 049248.
  • 2 Hotel Kastellorizo, ☏ +30 2246 049044.


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