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Scottsboro is in the Mountains region of Alabama and is the seat of Jackson County, having enlivened a railroad mode of commerce there. It is a memorial to a seemingly rare instance where civil rights prevailed in the otherwise rather torn history of equality in this country, in a case known as the Scottsboro Boys. It's also the site of a unique venue where unclaimed airline baggage is publicly sold.

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Scottsboro is off on its own it seems on the west bank of the Tennessee River. You can get there from Huntsville pretty directly via US Route 75, and to I-65 over what used to be this derelict passage over the Tennesee River called the Comer Bridge, now thankfully replaced by a modern span.

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  • 1 The Scottsboro Boy's Museum & Cultural Center, 428 W Willow St, ☏ +1 256 912-0471. Sa 10AM-3PM only. This museum relates the story of how 9 African American youths were alleged to have raped two white women aboard a train in 1931 and summarily convicted through mob acts and extrajudicial measures, but who thankfully were eventually exonerated by the US Supreme Court, thereby setting precedent for effective counsel and right to juries for defendants. Jackson County also commemorated the Scottsboro Boys plight in 2004 with a plaque in front of the courthouse. (updated Dec 2021)
  • 2 Remnants of B.B. Comer Bridge, 25053 John T Reid Pkwy (it's near the entrance of the Scottsboro High School campus, so don't go traipsing around there too much while school is in session). For those interested in metal artwork, you can see here some creativity at hand using leftovers from the demolished BB Comer Bridge. Basically it's a steel girder pyramid and not terribly exciting. (updated Dec 2021)
  • 3 Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center, 208 S Houston St, ☏ +1 256 259-2122. M-F 9AM-3PM. Local history museum/recreated pioneer village type place. (updated Dec 2021)
  • 4 Scottsboro Railroad Depot Museum, 230 N Houston St. F 10AM-2PM only. It might not look like too much, but this depot was more or less the lifeblood of Scottsboro for the longest time, and is one of only 3 pre-Civil War train depots remaining in Alabama. It was the site of a battle between Union and Confederate troops both fighting for control. (updated Dec 2021)
  • 5 Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge, ☏ +1 256 350-6639. A historic communal gathering place of the Cherokee and where European settlers even first convened to hold court. Now known for its bat population. (updated Dec 2021)


  • Jackson County Park, 2302 County Park Rd, ☏ +1 256 574-4719. Daily 8AM-4PM. A relaxing place by the river where you can purchase food to feed the ducks or walk out on a dock and appreciate the scenery. (updated Dec 2021)


  • 1 Unclaimed Baggage, 509 W Willow St, ☏ +1 256 259-1525. M-F 9AM-6PM, Sa 8AM-7PM. Here you can go hog wild over unclaimed laptops or panty hose or any number of things recovered from airplanes that passengers have left behind. It has almost singlehandedly made Scottsboro famous, and you can even shop the store online. (updated Dec 2021)


  • 1 McCutchen's Magnolia House, 303 E Willow St, ☏ +1 256 259-3077. Some little Southern delectables, in a big old house. (updated Dec 2021)



  • 1 Quality Inn Scottsboro Us/72-Lake Guntersville Area, 208 Micah Way, ☏ +1 256 575-4074. It has one of those devices so that medically disabled people can enjoy the outdoor pool too. (updated Dec 2021)
  • 2 Comfort Inn & Suites Near Lake Guntersville, 25775 John T Reid Pkwy, ☏ +1 256 259-8700. This place looks like a ski chalet and has quite the inviting indoor hot tub and pool. $76. (updated Dec 2021)
  • 3 Goose Pond Colony Resort, 417 Ed Hembree Dr, ☏ +1 256 912-0592. Manicured resort place on the Tennessee River/Guntersville Lake. (updated Dec 2021)


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